1. Camp Registration & Parent Information

    Find information about registering for OPEE Summer Adventures and important information for parents.

  2. Engineering Department Current Projects

    Read about the current projects managed by the Chicopee Engineering Department.

  3. Fire Department Dispatch Call Logs

    Access archived logs of Fire Department dispatches categorized by type of call.

  4. Insurance Model Notices

    Human Resources is responsible for updating, maintaining, and distributing workplace conduct guidelines and municipal policies.

  5. Open Checkbook

    Chicopee's Open Checkbook site provides financial transparency to the public with easy access to the City of Chicopee's expenditure information for the current fiscal year, as well as a historical view of previous years.

  6. Park Fees

    View park fees and other fees the department charges.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    The Chicopee Parks and Recreation Department encourages participation in and utilization of recreational facilities for the youth and adult residents throughout the City of Chicopee.

  8. Planning Department Documents

    Download documents, forms, and publications from the Planning Department.

  9. Registrar of Voters

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Registrar of Voters, and how to work with them.

  10. School Department Information

    It is the mission of the Chicopee Public Schools to maintain high standards and expectations for all students by involving teachers, parents, and community in the education of our students.

  11. Senior Center Participation & Medical Release Form

    In order to participate in Senior Center activities, you must submit an application and receive medical clearance.

  12. Veterans Service Benefits & Information

    Learn about the services provided through the Veterans Services Office.