Shut Off Water

Possible Reasons For Loss of Water
There may be construction work going on in your area requiring the shut off of your water service. If the work was scheduled, homes and businesses will receive a 24-hour notice of the water being shut off by either a posting placed on your front door or by an automated call to your home. Your home will only be called if you are signed up for the City of Chicopee’s Emergency Alert Program. To sign up, please visit the Emergency Alert page.

During the cold winter weather pipes may freeze due to low temperatures. This problem can be avoided by making sure the rooms the pipes are in are adequately heated and/or by installing specific products made to insulate pipes. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain these conditions.

Your water may have been shut off due to nonpayment of your water bill. You would have been notified by certified mail and by postings on every door of the property. If you have any questions please call the Chicopee Water Department at 413-594-3420.