Help Desk Information

New Help Desk System Launch

As of September 3, 2013 the city will be formally switching over to a new help desk ticketing system, called Spiceworks, that we think will be more user-friendly. With this system, you’ll be able to submit a request simply by sending an email. As before, you’ll continue to receive acknowledgement, status updates, and resolution notification via email.

Although not required, you’ll also be able to log into the Spiceworks portal to submit or review your requests by using the same username and password that you use to log into your Chicopee computer/network. The address for this portal is: Employee Help Desk Request (you may want to bookmark this site).

Having a usable help desk ticketing system greatly enhances our ability to track, manage, and coordinate the many requests directed to the City Information Technology Department and ultimately to provide you with more responsive services. You can start sending your requests now through email. As of September 3, we’ll discontinue using Schooldude.

Separate Domains

Users who are on separate domains or networks (Schools, Police, Library) will not be able to access the Spiceworks portal (except through dedicated computers on our domain). They can however send ticket requests and receive updates via email.

We do plan to establish trusted relationships between domains at some point in the future at which time the portal will be accessible to everyone. If you have any questions, please contact Helpdesk at 413-594-1584.

Technology and Mobile Requests

These forms can now be filled out via the Help Desk portal. Requests must be submitted by Authorized Department Head.