Waste Disposal

Littering/Debris on Highway (243-45, 169-27)
Anyone who either knowingly or unknowingly causes or allows materials to be dispersed upon a public way must remove the material and dispose of it properly.
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - Up to $100/day

Trash Collection (169-12)
Trash is collected weekly at the curbside. Remember, trash can only be put out 12 hours prior to collection. To determine your collection day, please call the Department of Public Works at 413-594-3566.

Recycling (232-2)
Residents are required to separate recyclable materials from garbage, and those recyclables will be collected at the resident's curbside every 2 weeks. All residents with 4 or fewer units are required to recycle materials such as:
  • aluminum
  • clean newspaper
  • corrugated boxes
  • glass
  • metal cans
  • plastic
Calendars indicating trash, recycling and leaf/yard waste collection schedules can be obtained at the Department of Public Works office located at 115 Baskin Drive, or by calling 413-594-3566.
Enforcement - Department of Public Works
Fine - $50

Unauthorized Pick up of Recyclables (223-3)
It is a violation for any person other than authorized employees of the City of Chicopee acting in the course of their employment to collect or pick up, or cause to be collected or picked up, any recyclable material.
Fine - $100/day

Bulk Waste
Items such as furniture and appliances can be brought to the landfill located on New Lombard Road. There is no fee, but proof of Chicopee residency is required. You may call the Department of Public Works at 413-594-3566 for assistance with bulk waste items. To make multiple trips to the landfill to dispose of either bulk or household waste, a permit from the Department of Public Works is required. There is no permit fee.

Rubbish Containers (169-5, 169-13)
Rubbish receptacles shall be watertight with tight-fitting covers, a maximum size of 32 gallons, and weigh no more than 75 pounds when lifted. Trash containers may be placed outside no more than 12 hours before collection.
Enforcement - Department of Public Works
Fine - $50

Rubbish in City Park (169-8)
Dumping of rubbish or trash in city parks is forbidden
Fine - $100/day

Disposal of Rubbish Regulation (169)
No person shall dump, throw, or place any rubbish on any public or private property except if it is in a proper container for collection.
Fine - $200, $50/day thereafter

Hazardous Waste Disposal (230-31)
Hazardous waste collection days are held periodically each year and are advertised. Please help to protect the environment and do not throw away batteries, paint or other hazardous products with your household trash.

Sewer Disposal (230-31)
Sewer disposal of substances that could harm the sewer or treatment plant, such as gasoline, paint thinner, oil and used anti-freeze is prohibited. Do not discharge any material which could be explosive, flammable, toxic or corrosive. Contact the Water Pollution Control Facility at 413-594-3585 for assistance in proper disposal of these types of substances.

Camper/RV Wastewater Disposal
Residents of the city may dispose the wastewater from their campers and recreation vehicles at the treatment plan on Medina Street at no cost. Please call for directions and disposal hours at 413-594-3585.