Departments H-Z

  1. Health Department

    The Chicopee Health Department is a human service and regulatory agency that administers a variety of public health programs and activities.

  2. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department is committed to providing the City of Chicopee's municipal employees a safe, positive, and productive work environment.

  3. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department provides support for server environments, network infrastructure, workstations, applications and technology.

  4. Law Department

    The Chicopee Law Department represents the City in legal matters involving the Mayor, the City Council, and all City Departments including the Police, Fire, and School Departments.

  5. License Commission

    The Chicopee License Commission is the licensing and enforcement agent for liquor, food service, entertainment, automatic amusements, lodging house and innholders licenses.

  6. Mayor's Office

    Find out more about the mayor and the members of the staff.

  7. Parks & Recreation

    The Chicopee Parks and Recreation Department encourages participation in and utilization of recreational facilities for the youth and adult residents throughout the City of Chicopee.

  8. Planning Department

    The Chicopee Department of Planning and Development was established " administer governmental and municipal functions and responsibilities in the field of city planning; to coordinate efforts directed toward the future development of the city; to assure its continued improvement, consistent with its physical, social and economic conditions and resources..," from Chicopee City Code Chapter 75.

  9. Police Department

    The mission of the Chicopee Police Department is to prevent crime, preserve order, and to protect the rights, lives and property of all people.

  10. Purchasing Department

    The Purchasing Department is responsible for all procurement throughout the city including; purchase orders, accounts payable, bidding procedures and other procurement services for all the City and School departments. All procurement procedures are in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws.

  11. Registrar of Voters

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Registrar of Voters, and how to work with them.

  12. Retirement Office

    The Chicopee Contributory Retirement System is a retirement system for the eligible employees of the City of Chicopee. This system is regulated under Chapter 32 of the Massachusetts General Laws and overseen by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC).

  13. School Department

    It is the mission of the Chicopee Public Schools to maintain high standards and expectations for all students by involving teachers, parents, and community in the education of our students.

  14. Treasurer's Department

    The Treasurer's Department is responsible for all funds to and from the city.

  15. Veterans Services

    The mission of the Chicopee Veterans Services Office is to provide eligible veterans and their families, who are residents of Chicopee, with financial and medical assistance in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 115 and CMR 108.

  16. Water Department

    The City of Chicopee Water Department preserves and maintains the City's Water Distribution System.

  17. Water Pollution Control

    The mission of the Water Pollution Control Facility is to protect the rivers and streams that are in or near the City of Chicopee.