How do I register my new puppy/dog?

In Massachusetts, you need is a rabies certificate to register your puppy/dog. Once you receive this certificate from your veterinarian, you have 30 days from the date of vaccination, to come into the office and license your dog. If your new dog isn’t spayed or neutered the license fee is $5.00 if under 1 year of age. Once your puppy/dog is spayed or neutered the license fee is $5.00, with the spaying/neutering certificate, if not spayed or neutered the fee is $25.00. It is important to license your dog for a few reasons; * After April 30th, if not licensed, late fees begin to accumulate. * Without a license your dog could end up in the pound! * It’s the Law. If we are not in receipt of a rabies vaccination for your animal it is a violation of MGL Chapter 140, Section 137 registration and licenses. This means a complaint can be filed against those not in compliance in Chicopee District Court. * If your dog is lost, a license can help get your pooch home! To license your new puppy/dog through the mail, please use this


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