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City of Chicopee Massachusetts Opioid Litigation Funds Community Input

  1. Which area do you feel needs additional attention in our community?

    Opioid Use Disorder, (OUD), Treatment - Strengthen support with mobile intervention, treatment, recovery services, treat trauma for individuals with OUD, (violence, abuse, assault).

    Support People In Treatment And Recovery – Support and promote programs that provide wrap around services like; access to housing, job placement, job training, or childcare.   Provide recovery housing, FDA approved medication and support specialist, and support for recovery programs.

    Connections to Care – Provide connections for people who have OUD or are at risk through funds for  more Emergency Medical Systems, peer support, and post-overdose response teams, programs as alternatives for school suspensions, and training programs for caregivers, school staff, health and human service.

    Harm Reduction – Support efforts to prevent overdose deaths or other opioid related harms through strategies that: increase availability of naloxone; provide training on the use of naloxone; and approve funding syringe services.

    Needs of Criminal-Justice Involved Individuals – Support diversion and deflection strategies for criminal-justice involved person with OUD including: jail release harm reduction services; Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion strategies; and other similar programs.

    Support Pregnant or Parenting Women Including Babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - Make and support programs for parenting and recovery available for parents with OUD.

     Prevent Misuse of Opioids and Implement Preventive Education – Support efforts to prevent misuse of opioids through: more Social and Emotional Support Councilors in the schools; support youth based community education or intervention services; enhance or sustain proven youth health assessment, prevention programs, and practices.

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