Senior Work-Off Program

Under this program, participating taxpayers, who must be over 60 years old, volunteer their services to the city in exchange for a reduction in their tax bills. Seniors may earn a maximum reduction of $500 per year, based on a rate per hour of service that cannot exceed the Commonwealth's minimum wage.

Program Details
  • Applicants who are selected by the drawing will be notified immediately by the Council on Aging administrator that they have been selected and must complete a criminal records information (CORI) check. Other applicants will receive a letter that they have not been chosen.
  • Applicants/volunteers will be matched to city departments offering volunteer opportunities.
  • Seniors may not participate in the program for two consecutive years unless insufficient applications are received in a given year, in which case prior senior volunteers would be allowed to apply.
  • The program is administered by the Council on Aging and the Chicopee Board of Assessors.
  • The selection to participate in the program is valid for one fiscal year.
  • The taxpayer must complete an application and participate in a lottery process for selection.