Environmental Quality

Environmental Quality (MGL 141[40], 272, Ordinance 16, Article IV)
The Conservation Commission is charged with the responsibility of protecting and preserving the city's natural resources and open space. Activities within or near wetlands and water bodies may have to be monitored by the Conservation Commission.

The following activities are illegal if conducted within or near wetlands without a permit:
  • Building new structures and additions
  • Dumping of trash, yard waste, and other household products
  • Filling of wetlands and ravines
  • Removal of vegetation
The following regulations apply:
  • MGL 131 Section 40, Chicopee Wetlands Ordinance, fines to $300/day.
  • MGL, Chapter 131, Section 40: Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, fines up to $25,000 possible
  • Ordinance 16, Article IV, Conservation Commission
For further information, call the Conservation Commission at 413-594-3557.