Health & Safety

Emergency Calls (911)
In Massachusetts, you can now dial 911 from any telephone or teletypewriter (TTY) to get emergency assistance. The person who takes your call will have your telephone number and address displayed on their monitor. This identification feature is not currently available to cellular or PBX customers. If you have touch-tone phone service you can use Silent Call Processing during emergencies by dialing 911, then press 1 for the Police, 2 for the Fire Department, or 3 for an Ambulance.

Remember: Dial 911 only in an emergency situation!

Fire Prevention (160-3)
All residential dwelling units (including boarding houses and dormitories) are required to have heat detectors, smoke detectors or sprinkler systems as determined by the Fire Department. Property owners are responsible for compliance.
Enforcement - Fire Department
Fine - $100/day

House Numbers (MGL Chapter 148. S.59)
Every building in the Commonwealth shall have affixed thereto a number representing the address of such building. Also, the City of Chicopee Ordinance, S243-2, requires the number to be in figure form, 4 inches in height on buildings 25 feet or less from the property line and 6 inches in height on buildings beyond 25 feet from the property line. Ordinance S243-4 requires the numbers to be in contrasting colors.
Enforcement - City Engineer | Fire Department
Fine - $100/day

Fire Alarms (MGL Chapter 268 S.32)
Defacing or tampering with a fire alarm system is punishable by a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $1,000 or by imprisonment for not more than 2 years.

Fire Hydrants (269-9)
No person, other than Fire Department personnel, shall use any fire hydrant for any purpose.
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - Up to $50

Back Water Valves (269-12)
Valves must be installed to prevent water from backing up into homes. For additional information, call the Board of Health at 413-594-1660.
Enforcement - Board of Health

Septic Systems Approval (275-48)
Approval is needed before a septic system can be installed in the City. Call the Health Department at 413-594-1660 for more information.
Enforcement - Board of Health

Plumbing & Gas (CMR 248.204.3C)
Plumbing and natural gas work is to be performed by licensed professionals. For additional information, call 413-594-1671.
Enforcement - Plumbing Inspector

Refrigerator Entrapment (MGL 271. S26)
Whoever fails to remove the door or doors from a container originally used for refrigeration purposes before discarding it or setting it aside for failure to use such a container or before keeping it out of doors for sale, or any other purpose in a place accessible to unattended children, shall be fined.
Enforcement - Board of Health
Fine - Up to $1,000

Food-Borne Illness Investigation (105 CMR 590)
To report suspected food contamination, call the Health Department at 413-594-1660.

Suspected Tampering of Food or Medicines (105 CMR 590)
To report alleged tampering of food or medicines, call the Health Department at 413-594-1660.

Food Establishment Complaints (105 CMR 590)
To report excess garbage on property or poor food handling practices, call the Board of Health at 413-594-1660.