Streets & Sidewalks

Snow & Ice Removal (243-34, 35, 36)
Owners of property abutting a sidewalk are responsible for cleaning the sidewalk of snow within 24 hours after snowfall. The owner is also responsible for removing ice (or placing sand on the ice) and for removing snow that has drifted or fallen on to the sidewalk.
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - 1st offense is $50

Snow & Ice (243-33)
Persons who throw snow or ice onto the street or an alley shall be liable to the city for the cost of removing it.
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - First Offense is $100

Failure to Remove Stones or Debris From Streets (243-39)
Small stones, or any type of rubbish needs to be picked up from any street, lane or alley or other public place in the city.
Fine - $50/day

Playing Golf in Municipal Parks (206-6)
Playing golf in parks is prohibited.
Fine - $100/day

Defacing Public Property (243-31A)
No person shall make any indecent figures or write any indecent or obscene words upon, disfigure or deface any fence, building, lamppost, or other public place within the city.
Fine - $300/day

Printed Matter on Trees or Posts (243-31B)
There will be no notices or other printed matter on tree belts or any city pole.
Fine - $25/day

Failure to Clean Debris by Hauler (243-45q)
Any person, firm, corporation who carries or hauls any material whatsoever and either knowingly or unknowingly causes or allows for the same to be dispersed upon any city street or way and, after having been given reasonable notice to either remove or clean the same by the Chicopee Police Department, refuses to do so shall be fined.
Fine - $150/day

Spray Paint or Indelible Marker (239-2)
No person shall sell any spray paint or indelible marker to minor, unless accompanied by his or her parent or guardian at time of purchase.
Fine - 1st offense $200, 2nd offense $300, 3rd offense $300

Run-Off of Water to Inconvenience of Passersby (243-32)
No person shall suffer his building to shed water on any sidewalk or street in the city, to the injury or inconvenience of passengers.
Fine - $50/day

Failure to Remove Broken Glass (243-40)
All broken glass is to be removed from any street, lane, alley, or public place to avoid harming others.
Fine - $50/day

Unauthorized Vehicles on Golf Course (172)
All unauthorized motor vehicles, including snow mobiles, motorbikes, etc. are prohibited from golf course.
Fine: 1st offense $200
2nd offense $250
3rd offense within a year $300
Unlicensed Excavation (243-26)
No person, except the Superintendent of Streets in the performances of his duties, shall break or dig up or cause to be broken or dug up the pavement or ground in any public street or any sidewalk or common in the city.
Fine - $300/day

Emergency Winter Parking (260-29)
Emergency parking regulations will be in effect when severe weather conditions warrant. Parking Bans will be made public as follows:
  1. An Alert is placed on the home page of the website
  2. Television news Channels 3, 22, and 40 are notified
  3. Radio stations 94.7 WMAS, 93.1 WHYN, and 102.1 WAQY are notified
  4. The Republican Newspaper is notified
Chicopee Police, Treasurer's Office, Mayor's Office, Human Resource Office, Fire Department, and Collector's Office are also notified. Or you may call 413-594-3557 for information. For parking, on odd years park on the odd side of the street and for even years park on the even side of the street.
Enforcement - Police Department

Posting Notices (169-34)
No person shall affix any notice, poster, or handbill to any traffic or lamp post, utility pole, or public tree or upon any public structure except as may be authorized.
Enforcement - Police Department
Fine - Up to $50/day

Obstruction of Streets or Sidewalks (243-28)
No person shall place any article or thing in a public way, sidewalk or street so as to interfere with the convenient use of the public way.
Fine - $300/day

Failure to Maintain Tree Belt (243-37)
Any person or corporation owning or occupying property abutting a sidewalk or tree belt shall make sure that the sidewalk and/or tree belt is maintained in a clean and safe fashion.
Fine - $100/day

Tree Planting & Removal (257)
If you wish to plant a tree in a city right-of-way or request removal of a public shade tree (any tree in a tree belt or on public property) contact the Chicopee Tree Warden at 413-594-3566. Hazardous or dying trees may be removed at the Tree Warden's discretion. Requests for removal of healthy trees in a public right of way requires a public hearing in accordance with MGL 87.

Street Vendors (188-17)
Most transient vendors, peddlers and hawkers must apply to the Board of Aldermen. There they will be referred to the Health Department if food is involved.
Enforcement - Police Department

Road Occupancy Permit
Permits are required for any activity within a city right of way. There is no fee associated with this permit. For additional information contact the Department of Public Works at 413-594-3566.

Curb Cuts & Driveway Installation Permits
Permits are required for creating an opening into a public way. There is no fee associated with this permit. For additional information call the Department of Public Works at 413-594-3566.