Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Interactive Public GIS
The Interactive GIS provides access to the City's zoning, property information and record cards, conservation data, and historic properties in addition to a number of other data layers. For comments or questions regarding the GIS mapping, please contact the GIS coordinator at the email provided.

Data Status:

    - The parcel data was last updated 01/01/2023
     - The property ownership was last updated 01/01/2023

     - The zoning information was last updated 01/01/2023



GIS Information provided on the Interactive Public Geographic Information System (GIS) are to be used as a public resource for general information only. It can be used to locate, identify, and inventory parcels and the related information. The GIS data is NOT to be construed or used as a legal description or in substitute of a survey provided by a qualified land surveyor. Map information is believed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Any information provided on these pages should be verified with the appropriate City Department and reviewed and approved by an attorney prior to its use for any purposes with potential legal consequences.

By use of the site, the user agrees to and understands all information above.

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