Travel Club

Travel Club Contact Information

Robert Mashia        
Sandra Prejsner     Treasurer
Ann Sweeney         Secretary
Ron Milkay             Computer Support
Lori Milner              Planner

                  Hours:  Monday-Friday
                     12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

 Phone:  534-3698  Ext. 113


Parking:  Please park for all travel events in the last two rows of the garden level lot.  Bus pick-up will be at the entrance of the building and drop off will be at the last two rows of the lot.  Handicap parking can be used only with handicap sticker.

                                      * NOTICE *
You can now communicate with the Travel Club via e-Mail.  Send inquiries of event status, size of event Wait List and any other questions to the Travel Club.  Planners monitor the e-mail system and respond to your inquiry. 

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