ChicopeeWORKS Training & Development Program

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"Your voices matter. Your work matters. Your experience matters." -Paul A. N. Winspeare, Chief Human Resources Officer

Learn about the training and development offerings for Chicopee employees through the ChicopeeWORKS program, established in FY23. The Department of Human Resources strives to enhance its workforce by providing progressive, interactive, and integrative education to be the best City employees in our service to the citizens of Chicopee. 

HR Insignia 7-29-19 (07-23-19)


The ChicopeeWORKS Training Program is dedicated to improving the City and its services through fostering personal and professional development of the City’s greatest assets, the municipal workforce. ChicopeeWORKS’ mission is to provide and partner with professional providers to deliver continuous essential skills and knowledge to our workforce that will enhance the City overall in its service to both employees and constituents.

“Our collective success depends on all of us”

- Mayor John L. Vieau

                                      Examples of training offered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Chicopee Foundations Training (applicable to all current and newly hired employees)
  • Youth Internship/Co-Op Program                (Specific service and trade internship programming. Partnering with high-schools and UMTC throughout MA)
  • Management & Leadership Development Training (applicable to leadership and newly acquired/transitioned managers)
  • Workplace Safety (offered to all employees by HR-Division of Occupational Health & Safety)
  • Technology & Cybersecurity (offered by the M.I.S./I.T. Department)


HR works with the workforce and those within interested in professional development in areas or skills related to operations, positions, or work goals. The HR Department can source the resources necessary to enhance success with the City of Chicopee.

For more information and detailed offerings, contact the Chicopee HR Department!