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Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day Registration 2020

  1. Residents of Chicopee!

  2. HOUSEHOLD Hazardous Waste Drop-off Day

    Saturday, October 3rd, 2020, from 9am-12pm Registration Form

  3. This form is for residents only.

  4. Pre-registration is a must. By doing so, you have a guarantee that your aceptable waste will be taken at your preferred time and your wait will be minimal. Arriving without pre-registration or earlier or later than your appointment time range (select below) will increase your waiting time by 30 minutes or more.

    LIMIT: Up to 25 liquid gallons or 25 solid (dry) lbs. per household.


  6. * This is a residential collection event. No commercial (business) material will be accepted, except by prior arrangement of definite time and fee agreement.

  7. * A limit of 25 gallons (liquid) or 25 lbs. (dry) will be accepted per household. Those with small amounts (under 10 gallons) are strongly urged to double up with other Chicopee reseidents/neighbors if they have any materials you may deliver for them.

  8. * The following can be brought to this drop-off and do not count toward this limit: car batteries, rechargeable batteries, used motor oil, and mercury-bearing items such as fluorescent light bulbs or thermometers. If possible, transport the bulbs in original boxes to minimize breakage but:


  9. * Vehicle fluids may be accepted by area service centers. Check with the business that services your vehicle to find out if it will take your extra motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, etc.

  10. * Please stick to your appointment time! Call the DPW at 594-3557 to cancel or change it. Do not use this form to cancel or change your appointment time.

  11. Please enter your email address if you want to receive a confirmation your form was submitted successfully and your chosen time is approved.


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