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April Y. Cloutier                         

Michael Beliveau                            

Jim Reidy                             

John Arvanitis              

Conservation Commission Notice: All items scheduled for August 6, 2014 Conservation Commission hearing are continued to August 20! There will be no August 6 Conservation meeting. Please call Planning for details -- 594-1516.


Annual Water Chestnut Pull 


Please consider coming out to help the Conte Refuge pull invasive water chestnut from the Chicopee River's Oxford Marsh in Chicopee, MA.  This species has been known to entirely cover shallow water bodies, preventing recreational opportunities and depleting oxygen needed by aquatic wildlife.  We have been using canoes to pull this plant from many lakes and coves in the Connecticut River watershed and are making great strides in keeping this invader in check. In fact, in 2007, the first year at Oxford Marsh, we removed 10 tons, whereas last year, it was down to only 600 pounds.  There was a bit of a resurgence this year and we have already taken out 2400 pounds with our Youth Conservation Corps. Our Youth Corps is gone for the season, but more water chestnut plants remain.  Can you join us on Saturday, August 16 to help?  If needed, we will also return on Monday, Aug 18.


Thanks so much for considering lending a hand.  It's a satisfying way to spend a morning on the river!



Cynthia Boettner


Saturday, Aug. 16  and/or  Monday, Aug. 18

9 am -12:30 pm.  (stay later if you wish).  ​

 To register for an event, ​e-mail me the following information:

  • your name and names of those coming with you.

  • which event(s) you want to attend

  • whether you need to reserve space in our canoes 

  • your phone number in case of last minute changes-- and make note of my cell number. 

 If bringing your own boat

  • If you are bringing a canoe, it's still helpful to know if you are coming.

  • If you plan to bring a kayak, know that they don't hold much.  A laundry basket bungied onto the hull can help, but a canoe is still better. 

When you register, I will send directions and a list of what to bring.  We are being more aware of potential hazards, including the sharp seeds. water contaminants, including bacteria, so think about what to wear that would provide good coverage of your legs and feet.  We provide waterproof gloves for the day and antibacterial wipes to clean up before ingesting anything.

 I'm really racing, so you might have to wait for details/directions...sorry!

 Thank you!  Your help is critical this year!  Remember, each seed that falls represents 12 more years of work and we've already come such a long, long way.

​ ​I hope to see you there!​



Cynthia Boettner, Coordinator

Invasive Plant Control Initiative

Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

103 E. Plumtree Rd.

Sunderland, MA  01375

Office Phone: 413-548-8002  ext. 115

Cell Phone:  413-325-5564

FAX: 413-548-9725



Chicopee Conservation Commisson Submisson Requirements

All Applications: Submit 7 complete sets of the application -- 1 original and 6 copies -- $150 advertising fee, and any required DEP filing fee.

Abutter Notification: RDAs, NOIs, Amended NOIs, ANRADS --It is the applicant's responsibility to notify all abutters within 300' of the subject property boundary.

Local Abutter Notification Form, Local Regulations, Conservation Commisson meeting dates and application deadlines are posted on the Planning Department's Documents & Forms page.

DEP forms and instructions may be found at


Quick Info

For More Information Please Contact Kate Brown or Jim Dawson in the Department of Planning & Development at 594-1516 or 1517.