Commission for the Disabled

The Commission for the Disabled researchs local problems of people with disabilities and coordinates its activities with other local groups organized for similar purposes.

The Commission reports local problems of people with disabilities to the Local Coordinator for the Disabled and makes recommendations and suggestions to the City's Local Coordinator for the Disabled. The Commission also suggests means to correct problems confronted by people with disabilities in Chicopee. The Chairman of the Commission is the Local Coordinator for the Disabled.

The Commission works in conjunction with the coordinator for the disabled and investigates specific problems confronting people with disabilities.


Commissioners:             Expires:                            Email:

 Frank Czepiel                   February 1, 2012 
 Gerald Desroches             November 15, 2011
 Don Vadnais                    October 4, 2013    

For more information on the Chicopee Commission for the Disabled visit the website by Clicking Here