Registrar of Voters


Essential Responsibilities of the Board of Registrars:
  • Receive and maintain Affidavits of Voter Registration from individuals, registration agencies and organizations and notify voters of the deposition of their registration forms and polling places.
  • Conduct special registration sessions and provide assistance and education regarding the registration and election process to many political and private organizations, schools, and advocacy groups.
  • Conduct annual city census of residents age 3 and upwards and publish List of Residents.
  • Prepare List of Voters for every election and distribute it to candidates and political organizations.
  • Keep track of voting history and remove anyone who fails to vote in two consecutive Federal Elections.
  • Certify voters' names on Nomination Papers and Petitions.
  • Conduct all election recounts.
  • Provide proof of residency for reduced in-state college tuition, veterans' benefits, social security applications, City landfill and RMV documents.
  • Participate in city redistricting and serve as city liaison to Federal Census Bureau.
  • Provide proof of US Citizenship by issuing voter ID cards and accepting US passport applications.

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Online Voter Registration
City residents who are US citizens and have valid ID issues by the RMV can apply to register to vote online by visiting MA Election Division website